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Beacon Homes ...bringing you home

At Beacon Homes, our goal is to build a house you can immediately call home! 

Renovating or building a new home can be a long and stressful task without the proper guidance. We try to take the stress out of the equation so you feel confident along the way. We like to keep you informed and educated about all the components of your home so that no surprises arise. If you know all the parts of your home and the way it should operate, then you can live more peacefully. 

We are committed to building you a home that exceeds the standards of new home warranty regulations in Alberta, so you can live more comfortably.

In addition to providing you with a place you can call home, in turn you also are providing another family with a new home. In 2017, we committed to assisting in the build of a new home for hurricane victims in Haiti with every new home or major renovation we build. There was pride knowing that your home has helped bless another family as well. We are also connected with local initiatives to help assist single mothers, and children with housing and assistance.

So, to define the name of Beacon Homes,...we strive to be a 'beacon' in our community and beyond. We want to shine bright by serving our communities and clients well.


"Whatever you do, work as though you are working for the Lord..." With that in mind, we endevor to work and build to the best of our abilities, and serve more than just our clients. The owners and trade professionals of Beacon Homes come with many years of experience in all areas of construction and are here to help you along the way. We all take tremendous pride in our work and guarantee customer satisfaction!

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